Russell Ogden on flying techniques (2012)  




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Ozone test pilot Russell Ogden discusses many flying techniques for safety

l On YouTube l Duration: 45mins l


00:00 - Introduction and the importance of SIV.
04:00 - Initial input, collapse angles, glider behaviour in turbulent or still air.
05:54 - Collapses - Big frontals, initial big brake input avoids wing tips touching.
11:30 - Techniques for high performance wings but useful for any glider.
12:06 - C riser control - C risers instead of the brakes with a frontal collapse.
12:45 - C riser control - when on bar, speed bar pitch control.
14:46 - Looking at the glider in turbulent air.
16:32 - Side/assymetric collapses, leaning into big collapses to avoid twists.
20:14 - How quickly does a collapse wind the glider into a spiral?
20:33 - Cravat - getting a cravat and using a SAT to clear cravats.
21:04 - Cravats, stop the rotation.
23:57 - Cravats - using a stabilo line to clear a cravat.
25:06 - Pod harnesses - get upright and ball up to avoid twists.
26:05 - Cascading with no control. 25-30% brake and count to 5...
28:48 - Stalling to escape cascades, must know what you're doing. Overstalling.
31:40 - Twisted risers - what to do if you get them.
34:23 - Twisted AND in a full stall. What to do?
36:00 - Stalls - the importance of practising stalls in a safe SIV environment.
36:54 - What glider for SIV? Start with an EN-B type wing and progress.
39:27 - Collapse lines and certification. Certification shows conformity not safety.
42:50 - Does SIV damage gliders? Line damage in twisted cascading events.
44:39 - Thanks.

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