CSC Coaching

This page contains details of the club coaching strategy and contact details for club coaches.

Club Coaching Strategy

1. Information for Club Pilots

Purpose of CSC Coaching

The Cumbrian fells provide a challenging flying environment even for the experienced pilot. For the newly qualified CP, those with little airtime and pilots lacking in mountain flying experience it can appear daunting.

This Coaching Strategy aims to provide a clearly defined and efficient approach to coaching for the benefit of both coaches and the coached.

The overarching aim of the coaching programme is to enable new pilots to fly safely and confidently in the fells. To this end the programme will focus on:

  • Developing the skills necessary for safe flying in the mountain environment.
  • Imparting knowledge to help participating pilots to make informed flying decisions.
  • Helping Club Pilots raise their flying skills to the next level (Pilot).
  • Creating a social network to help new members integrate into the club.

Who is coaching for?

Any pilot can benefit from the coaching programme though it's generally aimed at lower-airtime pilots (especially those recently qualified at CP level) and pilots new to Cumbria. Pilots must have a minimum of CP and be a BHPA member – bring your BHPA card!

How the coaching is delivered and how you can 'get coached'!

All coaching is delivered to a standard consistent with the BHPA's own coaching standards.

There are two key strands to the CSC coaching offer:

  1. Practical coaching 'on the hill'
  2. Flying theory 'in the classroom'

A. Practical coaching 'on the hill'

Coaching on the hill is offered in a variety of formats to suit the needs of different pilots. Pilots can expect to receive the following:

  • Discussion and advice on the weather and anticipated flying conditions
  • Help in choosing the best flying site
  • A site briefing on arrival
  • Discussion about aspirations for the coaching session and, if appropriate, agreeing some tasks and goals
  • A debrief at the end of the session
  • If required and successfully undertaken, sign-off of pilot tasks

Practical coaching 'on the hill' is offered in a range of formats:

  1. One-to-One coaching

    1. Pilots at all levels of ability and experience can benefit from one-to-one coaching and are encouraged to do so.
    2. Importantly, it is up to YOU, the pilot to make contact with the Club Coach – please don't wait for a coach to contact you!
    3. The name, location, and contact details of CSC Club Coaches can be found by logging on to the member's area of the CSC website and scrolling down to the coaching section. Use these numbers and get in touch! (NB you need to be a club member to access coaches' contact details)
    4. If pilots prefer, they can contact the club's nominated 'Coaching Contact' who will arrange for you to be hooked-up with a suitable coach. You can get in touch with the 'Coaching Contact' by clicking on this link and sending a message.

  2. Ad-hoc / Informal coaching

    1. Any pilot should feel comfortable approaching our coaches at any time whilst out on the hill. Click the coaches tab on this page for current coaches - with photos.
    2. Coaches will do their best to identify themselves when they are happy to be 'on duty', not least by wearing the distinctive white Club Coach buff and cap.

  3. Coaching Groups

    1. These are informal events with no need to book and are aimed primarily at low air time pilots, pilots new to Cumbria, and those non-current.
    2. Coaching Group days are usually held the first Saturday in every month, April to September. See the Coaching Calendar tab on this page for this year's dates.
    3. The default meeting place is Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick at 10.30am. Any changes to this, and general information, will be sent out via CSC Website, CSC Forum, text or by all-members email. Pilots wanting to attend should ensure they have access to these options.
    4. If not flyable, attempts will be made to run the event the following day or weekend. Communication will be by one of the above media.
    5. Numbers are not officially limited but if a large number of people show up on the day then the group is likely to be split, with different groups being taken by the coaches to different flying sites. This may also happen where groups are clearly at different levels of experience.

    NOTE: Specialist coaching group days aimed at more experienced pilots e.g. covering XC flying, may be held from time to time. Further details and planned events of this nature can be found by Dave Ashcroft, CSC's chief coach. You can use this form to contact him.

Please remember that all coaches are volunteers. Whilst they are often willing to sacrifice some of their own flying time to help others, each individual coach will decide for themselves when they are happy to coach and, specifically, WHAT they are happy to coach. If you feel you need particular help with specific tasks please discuss with individual coaches - or consider booking a day with one of our local schools, Airventures, Escape or Sunsoar.

B. Flying theory 'in the classroom'

The club will aim to run a number of 'classroom' theory sessions to help improve pilot knowledge and complement the practical sessions.

These will normally be held over the winter and, though aimed at lower-airtime and developing pilots, anyone is welcome to come along if they think they might benefit from the session.

Topics will typically include: Pilot Exam Theory; Weather; Safety; Glider control, etc.

There's no need to book these theory classes – simply turn up. When available, details of the current/next winter classroom programme will be found at http://www.cumbriasoaringclub.co.uk/CSC_Calendar.php

Related Documents

1. The Pilot Development Programme

Coaching Programme - 2017

Coaching in the Lakes is primarily for CSC paraglider CP's to continue to progress in a safe environment, but it also introduces pilots to new sites and short XC's. Occasional visiting pilots are welcome. So, whether you are low air time or haven't flown many of our splendid Fells, you might consider contacting a coach or turning up on any of the monthly coaching days. You can find a list of current CSC coaches by clicking the "Coaches" tab. They are frequently out making the best of the weather so don't hesitate to give them a call and fly somewhere new. If you spot a PG pilot sporting a white cap or buff, they are probably a CSC Coach.

Dales Chief Coach, Ed Cleasby, has also been taking CSC members to some of their own sites this year. If you are considering this, then please complete the Coaching Day Register at http://dhpc.org.uk/ and forward to Ed on the off-chance you may decide to attend. They are run ad hoc to make the best of the weather.

The 'Monthly Coaching Days' remain at the Castle Rigg Stone Circle just east of Keswick (NY 29140 23630). You can either meet there or text the coach for more info. For the sake third parties and land owners, please make sure you bring your BHPA card. We will depart at 10:30am having assessed the conditions compared to the various forecasts. If there's a chance of some pilots doing an XC, then we may leave their cars at the goal to provide a little incentive. Don't mix up these introductions to XC with the 4 'milk runs' for more experienced pilots (see XC Guiding in the Articles section on the website). At take-off, while recovering from the walk up, we'll brief the group on the area, conditions, expectations etc. The main objective is to make the best of the day and progress individually. Those with 25 hrs air time might want to get Pilot Rated. To get this you will need a number of tasks witnessed and signed off by any coach. I’ll e-mail you a copy of the task sheet if you want one. Conditions may delay completing certain tasks like top landing etc.

The Coaching Day dates are planned as follows, but due to the fickle nature of the weather they might be changed with short notice. To increase the probability of a good day we will chose from either Saturday, Sunday or even the bank holiday, but also consider contacting any coaches if you are flying.

1-2 April

6-7 May

10-11 June

1-2 July

5-6 Aug

2-3 Sept

Have an excellent 2017,
David Ashcroft

Coach Name Area Availability Mug Shot
David Ashcroft West Cumbria Weekends
Richard Bungay North Cumbria Weekends
Ed Cleasby Cumbria All Week
Gordon Coulthard North Cumbria Weekends
Brian Doub North Cumbria All Week
Malcolm Grout North Cumbria All Week
Mike Harper North Cumbria. Available Mondays as well Weekends
James Harrison North Cumbria All Week
Ian Henderson South Cumbria Weekends
James Jackson North Cumbria Weekends
Jackie Knights North Cumbria All Week
Chris Little North Cumbria Weekends
Rick Livingstone North Cumbria All Week
Jaysen Metcalfe West and South Cumbria All Week
Graeme Stephenson North Cumbria All Week
Steve Thwaites South Cumbria All Week