Looking for a South Lakes friend!

Steve Kitchen - 23/07/2007

Well I have finally got my CP from Gordie.

However, I am from Levens (just south of Kendal) and have no one to fly with!!

All my normal friends think washing the car is an exciting way of spending a Sunday!

Or Golf! Which is, as someone once said to me, "Golf is a dangerous sport, you may die of boredem"

So, I am lonely! I have a new shiny wing and harness, a lovely certificate, but, a bit tentative about going out into the big wide world without some experienced guides.

Is there anyone out there who would not mind, forgive the punn, taking me under their wing, in the area?

I will not be a pain, I promise! I know I have a lot to learn.

I work in Kendal but can get out almost anytime as I fortunately work for myself.

I feel like I am on a dating web site, but hey ho.

Many thanks, Give me a bell if you think can help me out. 07769908851


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