Odu Deniz

Harry Crone - 11/10/2007

hello fellow members, i've just returned from holiday in olu deniz (turkey)and wanted to share these pics with you that i took on one of my flights.Take off was 6500 feet up babadag mountain which takes about an hour to get to by jeep ( a hell of a ride ).I only got my CP in may this year ( thanks Gordie ) and never thought i would be flying so high this soon, Farleton knott is my local site so it's abit of a difference.Anyway i did 6 flights while i was there and even did a few spins and spirals on the way down, i loved it and will be going again and would recommend it to anyone, even just laying on the beach watching all the pilots flying and landing was excellent.harrycrone@toucansurf.com








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