LCC 2006 testimonials

Anon - 26/06/2006

"A big thank you to yourself and all the other organisers of the event. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As far as I am concerned the organisation was excellent. I have been trying to think of some positive criticism over the last few days to enable to improve things BUT I can't think of anything. It was truly a fantastic few days. I shall certainly be returning next year. Thanks again, Ross Weeden"

"I’d like to start by saying thanks for a great weekend at the LCC, well done to you and the rest of the team for putting on an excellent event. I was most impressed with the GPS scoring… Thanks, Chris"

"The weekend was fantastic! Thank you all very much. Many thanks, Lynda"

"What a fantastic event, well done to you and everyone else involved. Can’t fault it. All the best Pete Wood"

"Thanks once again for an excellent event - impressive organisation all round. Cris"

"Thanks for the event it was great. Yours truly, Harry Postill"

"If you got anything wrong then I missed it. Thanks for a great weekend - yet another belter! Cheers Jim"

"I thought the LCC was very well run and organized. Thanks for your hard work. … I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I learned so much and made some great friends. Thanks again, Brian"

"The comp went really well. The only thing, again, was the camp site. I know some of us put up with the less than perfect facilities, we get used to it at the BPC (this years Borders round was a case in point), but non flyers do expect something better. Thanks again for organising this years event so well and I look forward to next year. Regards, Richard"

"Thanks for making LCC2006 a superb event. Thanks again, Kevin."

"The whole organising group did your usual excellent job. I really enjoyed it and am constantly amazed (and quite proud) of the way it has evolved over the years. Venue is great and I honestly can't at the moment think of much that could be improved upon. Thanks again, Ed"

"Organisation was excellent in lots of ways."

Cheers for a great event. Sam"

"In my view the event was fantastically well organised. We will be returning (probably in greater numbers) next year! The B comp GPS tasks were a great success… The meal provided was a great idea, and the food was great – much appreciated, nice touch! …A truly memorable weekend. Thank you all once again. We will definitely be down in force again next year! Steve"

"It was a great weekend and I'm not sure how it could be improved. The organisation was superb and I can see that a lot of work must have gone on behind the scenes to make the event run so smoothly. Looking forward to next year where I hope I have as much luck as this year ! Cheers, Ian Watson"

"Many thanks to you all for organising the event - I know its a hell of a lot of work. Once again I had a great time and will definitely come again. All the best, Alex"

"Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts in putting on another brilliant Lakes Charity Classic. Great fun, some great flying and hopefully you raised a fair amount for charity. Not bad for one weekend. Please also pass on my thanks to all the others who did their bit (Andy, Calvo, Kitt etc). All your efforts are really appreciated. Cliff Smith"

"Just a quick note to say thanks to you and all those involved for organising such a great weekend. I'm still recovering. Really enjoyed the comp, pity about the Sunday, and the Bash was great. Regards, Richard"

"I would like to thank you, Andy, Kitt etc. for an excellent weekend. The competition was a new thing for me and I was slightly uneasy about entering it, however I thought it was excellently put together and the tasks were challenging and doable weather permitting. I had a great time in the comp and at the bash. As far as I am aware so did all the other SMPC pilots that were there. Thank you from us all. Zeno Kerr"

"Just wanted to say thanks for an excellent comp over the weekend."

I had never been to one before and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process - credit to you and all the team. I shall be looking in Skywings for the dates for next year and seeing if I can once again make it up from the Isle of Wight. Till next time, Stuart Dyer"

"As for my opinion on the LCC - I’m not too experienced at this kind of event, and I thought it was excellently organized with plenty of info and advice for us novices. The party night was fab – so fab that I see why you moved the comp days to Friday and Saturday before the party! All in all I really enjoyed myself, so thanks and see you in 2007. Peter Moore"

"First, let me say I had a great time at the LCC! This was my first competition of any kind and I will certainly be back next year. It seemed more like a very well organized and relaxed Fly-In with good friends. The competition tasks to challenge us were an added bonus (not to mention the fantastic Saturday night Bash!). Thanks for all the work you and the other LCC organizers put in to making it a great weekend. Louis Garton"

"Big thanks to you and your team for organising yet another fantastic event. John Murphy"

"I fail to see how you can improve something that is just excellent, if it is not broke don't try to fix it, looking forward to next year. Ronald Green"

"Congratulations to you on a superb event - I had a brilliant time, Cumbria was magnificent, the people very welcoming and the flying good.
I heard a number of people comment on the way you personally ran things; encouraging, kind, gentle and unegotistical. I can imagine how hard you, Andy, Calvo and the others worked prior and during the event, but your good-natured stewardship make us feel very welcome - thanks for that (even when late with our GPS's!). Rob Simpson








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