Lakes Charity Classic - 2011

Location - Buttermere

Dates - 3/4 June 2011

Charity Beneficiaries

Farmers Benevolent Fund £1,000
National Trust (to cover half the costs of repairing walling in Buttermere) £1,000
Cumbria Wildlife Trust £600
Multiple Sclerosis £500

2011 was a great event with the A comp and the coaching sessions expoiting the great weather. The B comp had less luck as the forecast southerly wind was quite different at Whiteless Pike. Although the Saturday was cloudy both comps were able to set a task on Saturday in a ENE wind.

A selection of photos from the weekend can be found on this web site

Position No Name Total Points
1 A034 Knight, Martin 56
2 A014 Ebbrell, Kenny 52
3 A008 Bradley, Tony 48
4 A027 Cardwell, Richard 44
5 A045 Thompson, Tony 43
6 A050 Sandwith, Martin 42
7 A007 Colbeck, Alex 38
8 A017 Shield, Alan 36
9 A047 Carter, Richard 34
10 A043 Humphrys, Noel 33
11 A044 Little, Chris 33
12 A022 Bridle, Tim 32
13 A036 Stenhouse, Gary 32
14 A051 Donaldson, Ron 31
15 A020 Scott, William 30
16 A029 Cleasby, Ed  29
17 A040 Bibby, Phil  28
18 A006 Fouracre, Viv 27
19 A035 Smith, Jez 27
20 A025 Chadwick, Richard  25
21 A004 Doub, Brian 24
22 A048 Robinson, Chris 23
23 A009 McLoughlin, Andy 22
24 A021 Archer, Andy 22
25 A013 McLoughlin, Kevin 19
26 A015 Brown, Alistair 19
27 A011 Gravestock, Mark 17
28 A001 Danbury, Richard 16
29 A032 Truwick, Steven 15
30 A005 Fouracre, Phil 13
31 A026 Postill, Harry 13
32 A046 Rood, Tim 13
33 A038 Jennings, Richard 10
34 A023 Bennett, Jon 8
35 A016 Smith, Mark 6
36 A019 Pickering, Anthony  5
37 A003 Tomlinson, Simon 4
38 A012 Gordon, Lester 2
39 A002 Jenkins, Liz 1
40 A010 Wood, Peter 0
41 A018 Dickinson, Owen 0
42 A024 Jackson, Chris 0
43 A028 Sewell, Richard 0
44 A030 Leadbetter, Richard 0
45 A031 Harvey, James 0
46 A033 Richards, Roy 0
47 A037 Garton, Louis  0
48 A039 Maxwell, William 0
49 A049 Burns, Verena 0


The A competition task for Friday was to take off from Blease Fell and then try to get back to Blease Fell via a turn point at Grasmere.

Position No Name Time
1 A007 Colbeck, Alex 01:50:00
2 A034 Knight, Martin 02:04:00
3 A015 Brown, Alistair 02:17:00
4 A017 Shield, Alan 02:19:00
5 A022 Bridle, Tim 02:19:00
6 A027 Cardwell, Richard 02:23:00
7 A014 Ebbrell, Kenny 02:25:00
8 A047 Carter, Richard 02:25:00
9 A035 Smith, Jez 02:28:00
10 A032 Truwick, Steven 03:04:00

The A competition task for Saturday was to take off from Carrock Fell. Then to fly to a waypoint on West Fell before returning to take off and then on to a goal at the football pitch at Threkeld.

Position No Name Time
1 A008 Bradley, Tony 00:20
2 A014 Ebbrell, Kenny 00:25
3 A034 Knight, Martin 00:29
4 A050 Sandwith, Martin 00:34
5 A045 Thompson, Tony 00:37
6 A044 Little, Chris 00:39
7 A043 Humphrys, Noel 00:41
8 A051 Donaldson, Ron 00:45
9 A020 Scott, William 00:46
10 A029 Cleasby, Ed  00:48
11 A027 Cardwell, Richard 00:50
12 A006 Fouracre, Viv 00:51
13 A040 Bibby, Phil  00:55
14 A025 Chadwick, Richard  00:56
15 A004 Doub, Brian 00:58
16 A048 Robinson, Chris 01:04


Position No Name
1 B069 Mark  Leach
2 B061 David Crowther
3 B099 Tim  Oliver

The B competition started on Whiteless Pike. The forecast was for a light southerly but the actual wind was lively from the l where conditions were lively to say the least. The task was to fly up to a road junction in Lorton Vale, then back to takeoff, then over Grisedale Pike to Keswick. No-one made it to the first way point.

Position No Name Dist
1 B095 Cefn  Hoile 2.855
2 B070 Martin Underdown 2.834
3 B089 Chris Tyson 2.586
4 B096 Peter Lloyd 2.168
5 B072 John Lewis 2.134
6 B087 Antony Baird 1.676

The task for the B competition on Saturday was take off at Carrock Fell and then fly to a goal at the football pitch near Threkeld.

Position No Name Time
1 B069 Mark Leach 00:47:14
2 B061 David Crowther 00:51:47
3 B099 Tim Oliver 00:53:00
4 B094 Jan Little 00:53:27
5 B072 John Lewis 00:53:47
6 B082 Patrick Russell 00:57:22
7 B066 Martin Beetham 01:06:10
8 B087 Antony Baird 01:24:29
9 B083 Paul Clarke 01:32:49
10 B095 Cefn Hoile 01:45:45

LCC Coaching 3rd and 4th June 2011

The coaching group totalled 10 pilots, all low airtime but with a fairly wide range of experience and aspirations. The coach was Chris Field, assistance was provided by Dave Robinson and Rick Livingstone (Friday) and Rick (Saturday)

Friday – Buttermere Moss

A forecast of sunny, light and variable led the coaching group to Buttermere Moss with the plan to fly down to Buttermere while conditions remained light then return to enjoy the soaring as conditions strengthened. The 2 speed wing pilots understandably opted out of Phase 1 in favour of a long walk up/adrenaline ride down High crag. One pilot strained his groin on the approach to the launch however the remaining 7 pilots, coach and 2 helpers arrived on launch to find conditions marginal but encouraging. Dave Robinson nobly sacrificed himself to the weather gods, launched and (much to his relief) found the breeze comfortably stay-uppable and top-landable. In the course of the next hour all the coached pilots launched, soared and top landed. Several achieved impressive heights above launch and only one chose to head for the landing field. The day warmed and conditions became stronger and thermic necessitating a more resolute approach to launching. The missing speed wing pilots rejoined the group for some proper flying. In spite of the tricky, bordering on scary, conditions all the pilots successfully, if not actually cheerfully, launched, thermalled and made good safe and sensible decisions. The day ended with pilots flying down to an impromptu inaccuracy competition in the ‘long one behind the fish’

Saturday – Sandbeds.

A fairly discouraging NE forecast sent all LCC groups towards Carrock. To avoid the crowds the coaching group (less the speed wing pilots but plus one late arrival) headed for Sandbeds. On arrival conditions were strong, off the hill, overcast and cold. However, after a chilly wait, gliders were seen popping up over Carrock so the coach launched from low on the hill to find perfectly safe soaring conditions. Given the limitation of the short beat (around 50m on the soarable face) only one pilot at a time could soar. After a couple of pilots launched and landed conditions improved to the point the soaring pilots could be ‘parked’ in the bowl to the south. It became possible to launch 4 or 5 pilots simultaneously. Conditions were fairly tricky but provided a good opportunity for slope/top landing practice. The coaching group was occasionally joined by migrating A comp pilots attracted by laid out gliders presumably much as a decoy duck attracts game fowl to the guns. In spite of the discouraging conditions pilots had a worthwhile day gaining experience in launching, soaring, and top/slope landing in far from easy conditions.

Coaching was a success. The group enjoyed extremes of Lake District flying; the sublimity of thermalling over Buttermere on a glorious summer’s day and freezing your whatsits off on a piddly little ridge with a 50m beat. The experience was greatly enhanced by the assistance of Dave and Rick. However the key ingredient for success was the enthusiasm, cheerfulness and positive attitude of the participants. Brilliant – thanks guys!