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Whitbarrow Scar

Key Facts

Status : OK
IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use Please ask at Ravens Lodge Farm for a landing field. Peregrines nest on the cliffs which leads to restrictions on flying at certain times of the year. Check at the farm if unsure.
Last Updated : 02/02/2018 at 15:32 by Ian Henderson
Wind : SE - ESE / SW - WSW Nil Wind : N
Grid Ref : SD455850 Height (AMSL) : 590' / 180m
Site Code : 17.081 Top to Bottom : 500' / 153m


SE Lakes - nr Levens (A590)


An excellent site, very spectacular but not often flown. Best flown in light to moderate winds and should be avoided in stronger winds due to rotor at the top and base of the cliffs. The adjacent SW face has been flown and is reportedly very good but little is known about it other than winds should be on the light side, otherwise it gets rough.

Site Officer

Burkitt Rudd : 07811 642533


Postcode for Sat Nav Systems


Ravens Lodge at the easterly car parking area

Getting There

From the A590T near Gilpin Bridge take a minor road that leads towards the cliffs. A second minor road turns off to Ravens Lodge farm. Park just beyond farm in a small earth layby if walking in. HG pilots can drive through a gate into the quarry (ask at farm for permission and a key). A track leads to the south end of the quarry. Awkward track up through the trees.

Getting to takeoff

If parking just beyond the farm, walk through the gate and follow the track via a bedding plane to the extreme south end of the face. A vague path winds up through the trees to the T.O. edge. Various take off places exist.

XC potential

Good leading into the heart of the South Lakes - Coniston Old Man beckons.

Permission to use site

Ravens Lodge Farm; access and bottom landing field. Whitbarrow Lodge; for site access. Kirket Nook; for SW face landing field. The gate is sometimes locked - see the farmer for advice.


Additional Safety Notes

Power lines in bottom landing areas. Rotor below cliff top and back from T.O. edge. Telephone at Millside. Take care on launch.


A superb cliff site with a very impressive SE face. Good in light winds bit beware of strong compression in moderate winds. The take off is at a cliff edge! Don't scratch below the top due to the presence of rotor. Small trees and hidden gullies abound on the top so care when top landing; check out any top landing areas before flying.

Hang Gliding

The main face has no top landing. See PG notes above for additional information. The bottom landing is easy but check the locations of the power lines.

XC potential

Good leading into the heart of the South Lakes - Coniston Old Man beckons.

Whitbarrow Scar Map