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Souther Fell

Key Facts

Status : OK
IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use This site is EXTREMELY SENSITIVE! USE FIELD L2 With windsock OR ONLY OPTION IS TO SIDE OR TOP LAND. LOW BECKSIDE FARM WILL, where possible, provide an alternative field to L2 if it has stock in it. THE DEFINED LANDING FIELD MUST ALWAYS BE IDENTIFIED BY USE OF THE CSC WINDSOCK OBTAINED FROM LOW BECKSIDE FARM. It is imperative that visiting pilots DO NOT FLY this site without first contacting the North Sites Officer. It has taken a lot of work to get this site back - it was very nearly lost for good. Please restrict numbers (10 at any one time as an ABSOLUTE maximum). Teaching groups please always give priority to qualified pilots due to numbers restriction. DO NOT LAND in any areas heading towards Carrock Fell - THIS WILL POTENTIALLY LOSE US THIS SITE, AN EXCLUSION ZONE EXISTS AROUND UNDERCRAG FARM DO NOT FLY IN THIS AREA(500M RADIUS AND 1000FT @ NY 363308). Contact North Sites Officer for more information (017687 80297).

Old (near fellside) landing Field marked L1 is now Closed (effective from December 15) after a serious landslide the farmer has re fenced the field. Please do not use this field as, to get back to the road, you need to climb over the farmer's fences, which is obviously NOT Acceptable. Ask at Low Beckside for an alternative, if John is not there and there is no stock in field L2 on the map, it is OK to put our windsock into this field. If L2 cannot be used due to stock, and Low BECKSIDETHE cannot provide an alternative, use fellside.
Last Updated : 30/07/2017 at 08:57 by Ian Henderson
Wind : SE - ESE Nil Wind : N
Grid Ref : NY355291 Height (AMSL) : 1700' / 519m
Site Code : 17.015 Top to Bottom : 950' / 290m


NE Lakes - SE of Blencathra


An excellent site, renowned, like its neighbour Carrock, for light winds. Also thermals well. Wave and convergence are occasionally found at the south end. It is also possible to launch from the south end to fly Blencathra in SSE winds; VERY spectacular. PLEASE READ RESTRICTIONS ON BRIEFING PAGE BEFORE FLYING.

Site Officer

Chris Little : 07966153668


Postcode for Sat Nav Systems

CA11 0XR

Mungrisdale. The postcode centre is where the road coming north from the A66 suddenly turns to the west before you turn left for the Mill Inn and site parking

Getting There

Turn off the A66(T)Penrith to Keswick main road following signs to Mungrisedale. Follow minor road to Mungrisedale, then double back to follow a tarmac road (past a good pub) through a gate. Various, but limited, parking places in laybys along this road.Do not block any farm or field access points.

Although it looks a bit of a drag to walk back from Landing field (L2) to cars, it's really not far as there is a footpath and bridge over the river just north of Low Beckside Farm, bringing you out near the first gate.

Getting to takeoff

A path leads diagonally across the face of the slope from NE to SW.

XC potential

Good thermal producer, and quite easy to get away, but the sea is only about 35 km downwind. Possible to cross to Carrock Fell if wind is off to the East, or onto Blencathra if off to South.

Permission to use site

For a bottom landing field; Low Beckside Farm, Mungrisedale (WINDSOCK SCHEME IN OPERATION).


Additional Safety Notes

Beware of rollover behind the ridge.Under no circumstances allow yourself to get blown back - the terrain behind take off is dangerous! Use windsock in the bottom fields.Take care not to land short, which is easy to do. Public telephone at Mungrisedale.


Easy top landing and slope landing, if bracken areas are avoided. Be wary of penetration problems in strong winds, being blown back could be worrying in the extreme!

Hang Gliding

Apart from the carry, a site with no vices. Easy top landing by crabbing in along the ridge (Do not go behind the ridge). Suitable for low air time pilots after a suitable briefing.

XC potential

Good thermal producer, and quite easy to get away, but the sea is only about 35 km downwind. Possible to cross to Carrock Fell if wind is off to the East, or onto Blencathra if off to South.

Souther Fell Map